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Get desserted is a chain of dessert parlours founded in 2014 in Chandigarh, India by Udit Khaitan, later joined by his mother Mamta Khaitan — with its foundation firmly built on the values of excellence, simplicity and affordability.

It has outlets across India with the Chandigarh outlet being company owned and the rest are held by franchisees. The parlour sells wide range of ice creams, waffles, pancakes, brownies, shakes, coffees and has expanded its portfolio of desserts to include a range of health conscious products such as sorbets, yogurts and smoothies.

The brand is known for its experimental and innovative creations in desserts, like brownie waffle, red velvet pancake, bubblegum ice cream and many more. It brings to you the perfect blend of authenticity and innovation wrapped in the most delectable offerings. We attempt to provide you with the best quality using finest ingredients. Each creation is handmade with the most wholesome flavours.


The simplicity of our operating model allows people with little or no experience in the food business to succeed as entrepreneurs, thus investing much lesser amounts and reaping far more attractive returns than most of our peer brands.

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