Iconic Desserts 2021 By Times Food Delivery Icons

Best Desserts 2020 Times Food Awards

Most Popular Waffle and Icecream Brand North India 2019

Legendary Dessert Brand by Times Hospitality Icons 2019

Best Desserts 2019 Times Food Awards

Noteworthy Desserts in Delhi By Times Hospitality Icons 2018

Best Icecream 2018 Times Food Awards

20 Most promising Fast Food Chains in India by Silicon India Magazine 2018

1st Position in Waffles at Dessertarian Fest 2017

2nd Position in Icecreams at Dessertarian Fest 2017

Franchisable concept of the Year 2017

Best Icecream 2017 Times Food Awards

Global Achievers Innovative Icecream Parlour 2017

Best Icecream 2016 by Times Food Awards

Noteworthy Newcomer 2015 Times Food Awards


The simplicity of our operating model allows people with little or no experience in the food business to succeed as entrepreneurs, thus investing much lesser amounts and reaping far more attractive returns than most of our peer brands.

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